We usually try to play from about 6,500 yards. All of us are close to our 50’s, and sometimes feel even older. Here is some information which will give you an idea about who is rating the golf courses.

malibu Malibu

This is a golfer who can hit a 300 yards in the summer and will score in the low seventies when you least expect it. A    good consistent putter who likes to walk. His scoring range is typically from 80-89. A hook is the bane of his existence, and 60’s muscle cars are his passion. An avid sportsman who just enjoys golf in general, and the camaraderie among the golfers.

stone1 Stone

A 10-15 handicap golfer who usually does not go either as high, low, or as long as Malibu. Scoring range usually between 82 and 87. Likes to experiment with new equipment (especially drivers and putters, because it can’t be his fault). Likes to walk on tree lined courses, and golf courses with spectacular mountain views. Likes friendly staff and good restaurants for before and after golf. Prefers European cars, even those which break down frequently. It is not the game, it is the competition he enjoys, along with the good company.

bone1 Bone

Retired professional athlete with a competitive nature to match. Most likely to throw a club or offer a choice phrase. Golf scores range from 78-86. Good putter, straight long drives (usually), but still working on those dang approach shots. Likes cold Belgian beer (don’t we all!), fairways with grass and sand traps with sand in them. Likes classic Cadillacs and convertibles.

quickbuck QuickBuck

A creative fellow with many, many ideas, including the best way to hit the next shot. Likes to experiment with his set up, grip, and anything else he can think of. Scores currently range from 85-95, and are quickly coming down. No more strokes for him, as he is just as likely to make a birdie as a bogey anymore. Very concerned about the rough (a hold over from his high handicap days no doubt) and very particular in his ratings. Likes new (and fast) muscle cars, but is for some reason usually the last one to the course.


The best golfer in the group, a 2 handicap golfer who takes the game seriously. We suspect his low handicap is due to the high tech materials in his body. He hits 300 yard drives, is a good putter, and has laser irons. Prefers the nicer golf courses and likes pickup trucks. We like to play with him because he makes us play better. (A good guy, too!!)

ralphy Ralphy

A Midwestern refugee who is also an excellent golfer. Scoring range estimated at 72-78. Not long off the tee, but consistent and straight. Sounds like an engineer, right? Likes nice golf courses too and plays them well. A good guy to have in your foursome. Not too sure about the nickname.

steadfast1 Steadfast

A good Christian and sneaky good retired golfer. Scoring range from 80-86. Not very long, but has a deadly putter. Escapes Arizona in the summer, which only demonstrates he has more sense than the rest of us.


An Arizona refugee who now finds happiness on the cliffs and golf courses overlooking the ocean in California.  A 29 handicapper (no matter how much he complains–not a stroke more!) who hits the ball straight and true.  Unfortunately, his distance, and some might say (see Bone) his height, are somewhat challenged, but he makes up for the lack of distance with his unparalleled skill in putting.   Likes environmentally friendly automobiles, but even so we miss him in Arizona.

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