You may have noticed we have started to add a picture of every golf course we play due to popular demand. Originally we did not add pictures to the reviews because the pictures would likely have overemphasized a particular aspect of the course. If the picture portrayed a negative view or situation, you might be discouraged from playing an otherwise great course. If we only took pictures of the good stuff (and lots of them), it would look like every other golf review website which seem to be more like golf course promotional sites rather than honest reviews.

Then we talked about doing a set of three pictures we would call the “the good, the bad and the ugly”, but cooler heads (and outright laziness) prevailed, and ultimately decided to take only one picture of every course. A single picture of the 9th tee box was chosen to level the playing field and to avoid favoring one course over another. We also chose the 9th tee box because it usually heads back into the clubhouse, and most of them present the course in a reasonably attractive light. Whether right or wrong, that was the decision, and if you happen to see Maurice on the tee box, well, that is just an added bonus.